Photography- comes from the Greek words(phos) light and (graph) representation by means of lines or drawing, together meaning drawing with light.- A.D. 1000 To me it's all about the passion baby, enjoy the following galleries and if you need a designs and images that work for your business hit me up an e-mail:, or call through my cell +63 9184496478 Manila, Philippines
Start them early- I saw this documentary about " Ballet Dancer" hosted by Aljeezera in Qatar and all comes back to me when I was shooting the performance of the "Living Dools". I still recall the Young ballet dancers how they cope up with their frustration, loneliness, weight problem, physical and intensive practice of the choosen art form "Ballet" (classical dance).Click here to enjoy the the full gallery of the "living dolls"
We are all actors and actresses in a stage called life,and if you don't know your role, try to know and find it, before the final curtain fall down on you. View the gallery Of Gantimpala theather company as they play their role until the very end.. Gantimpala gallery
Souk Waqif- During the 70's Souk Waqif is the center of business and commerce in Doha Qatar. The Ministry of Culture of Qatar have decided to reconstruct the Old Souk base on old Arial photos. Now Souk Waqif is back to its former prestige and glory, it houses art galleries, evening concert, jewelry stores, perfume stores, spices stores, fine dinning restaurant and pet shops. View the gallery
Doha at night- This is the Qatar Islamic Cultural Center where they teach Arabic language for free. This building used to be a light house back in the old days where Qatar primary commerce is based pearl farming. View the gallery
1st Doha Tribeca Film Festival Nov.1 2009 (fireworks Display)
AKON live in Doha, Qatar, May 22,2009 view the concert gallery event by Qatar Vision
Techno fashion show Doha, Qatar April 2, 2009 Enjoy the fashion show gallery event by Lana Group International
    The Fiesta of Black Nazarene- It is a celebration of faith during the first sunday of January believed to grant all your prayers and all your wishes in your life, by just touching the holy sculpture of the black Nazarene, but it usually turn into a tragedy beacause of the stumpede that usually occur during the celebration, In 2008, 3 died because of the stumpede, but nobody get sued or filed cases againts the any officials and organizer of the fiesta, because the survivors and relative of the victims beleived that the victims of the stumpede died in a worthy cause.View the Gallery